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Norris Houk is a true artist

and innovator with unsurpassed technical VFX and design abilities. Not only is he classically trained in fine art, in high school he received numerous scholarships to attend CalArts, CSSSA and then went on to study VFX and Design at Otis College of Art and Design. He began his career as a CG generalist, and apprenticed with a vfx supervisor which allowed him the ability to quickly learn, work with and master a wide range of VFX and design software. As one of the founding members of The Masses with Heath Ledger, a highly prolific art collective, they stived to fill the world with beautiful visual art and music. Working with the Masses while simultaneously working on big budget films and campaigns gave Norris extensive on set experience as well as the ability to give all variety of work respect and professionalism. From indie projects, big budget films or international global campaigns he's always elevated the crasftsmanship while maintaining the creative integrity.

Norris has vast knowledge and experience, which allows him to lead a team with great confidence and results; always on time, in budget and most importantly with happy clients. He has cultivated stellar relationships with all his clients including Apple, Google and Disney, just to name a few. The people Norris works with and for are not only impressed with his skills, talent and ability to bring conceptual design to reality but also by his charming, down to earth personality.

When Norris isn’t working you can find him in the ocean catching a wave or in his garage making a new surfboard.


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